E-learning resources for presentations and educators

Here we will show you some resources that you can use for e-learning or educational projects, these can be a good complement for your PowerPoint presentations at school or classroom.


Here you can watch classes online for example you can attend an online course on physics or get other lessons and exercises online with solutions.  This website is recommended for educators but also for students who want to get courses online or attend an online school. The online channels available on Classroom.tv let everyone to get the potential to excel, the site helps you to realize that potential and you can join for free to be a part of the online e-learning revolution.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is on a mission to provide a free world-class education to anyone anywhere. With over 3000 online videos covering everything from arithmetic to physics, sciences, humanity, test prep and philosophy you can get free access to all the online resources and this is clearly highlighting a new trend in online education and e-learning platforms.

In Khan Academy you can also find online presentations for e-learning and exercises including Math exercises like this one for math multiplications.


Doaj is an online platform and the acronym stands for Directory Open Access Journals. In this e-learning online platform you can get access to papers and journals online.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is an online platform where you can get excerpts for courses from featured teachers and professors. The online courses and presentations are free and you can take these courses online for different topics.