What’s wrong with economy in 1 PowerPoint slide

The Street published this article explaining in a single slide what is wrong with economy. Accordingly to the article it feels like the economic recovery is still more of a dream than a reality, this one slide should pretty much explain why.

This was a slide published by the Treasury Department in a PowerPoint slideshow that was shared online on Thursday. The slide summarizes how much the economy has improved during the Obama administration, including the 10 consecutive quarters of economic growth, the 3.7 million jobs added since early 2010 and the projected decrease in the national deficit.

Total unemployment is still several percentage points higher than it was pre-recession, housing values remain at their lowest levels in about a decade and the median household income (when adjusted for inflation) is declining. In other words, Americans are working less, earning less and have less of a nest egg than they did in the years leading up to the recession.

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