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Jumping between slides can be quite annoying. It happens often that someone in the audience asks a question that requires moving back to a slide. Similarly, you might require as a presenter to do the same to go back to a subtopic. Juggling between slides randomly can seem unprofessional.

This is why interactive PowerPoint templates can be so useful. SlideNavigator is a website that provides interactive PowerPoint templates with handy menus that can help you jump between any slide in a single click.

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Interactive Menus with a Simple Layout

You can download PowerPoint templates with animated menus that work pretty much like menus of a website. All slides come listed in the form of a simple navigation menu, allowing you to switch to any slide by clicking on the slide’s title. These menus are editable, so you can change the default titles to help identify various slides. For example, you can customize the menu titles by naming them according to the slide’s content such as; Home, Our Company, The Project, Timeline, etc.

simple layouts

All templates at SlideNavigator enable you to present in a non-linear fashion by including an interactive menu on the home slide of each PowerPoint template. Just like a website’s home page Slide Navigator’s interactive buttons on the home slide allows you to invisibly skip to certain sections or topics within your PowerPoint presentation.

What makes SlideNavigator unique is that it provides non-linear menu style PowerPoint templates. Not only are the PowerPoint templates non-linear but they are easy to use, animated, engaging, and uniquely designed. There are two types of menu style templates simple menu templates and drop down menu templates.

The simple menu templates include 7 customizable and editable subheading buttons on the home slide (first slide). Your text will automatically shrink to fit inside the buttons. The template comes with editable title and text slides. If you need more subheading buttons you can duplicate one of the subheading buttons and if you need less buttons you can delete them.

website like slide menus

Drop Down Menu Templates

Drop down menu templates contain a drop down menu with 4 subheading buttons and 4 link buttons under each of the subheading buttons. When you click on the subheading button the link buttons will automatically appear.

Your text will automatically shrink to fit inside the buttons. These templates are great for navigating through large PowerPoint presentations with many slides. The link buttons can be edited, customized, and duplicated if you need more buttons.

slide navigators interactive templates

Animated PowerPoint Templates

An animated template can be either simple menu or drop down menu. They are great for enhancing your PowerPoint presentation. Most Slide Navigator templates contain some slides that are animated.

slide menus of slide navigator templates

Creative Templates

Creative templates contain a unique style. They are also great for enhancing your PowerPoint presentation. The visuals used in templates are quite unique in design, which adds to the visual appeal of the entire slide deck.

creative templates

With the help of interactive templates by SlideNavigator, you can quickly design presentations that can be eye-catching and easy to grasp. You can switch between slides in a click, as well as impress your audience with the animated layouts.

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