Download free fundraiser thermometer template and gauges for PowerPoint presentations that you can use for fundraiser events or campaigns. You can learn how to use fundraiser PowerPoint templates in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 and 2013 and download free fundraiser templates.

Door Hanger Flyers Template For Word

Car Wash Fundraiser Door Hanger Template

Nothing gives more direct marketing with consumers than giving out flyers. You can have your employees go out of the store and hand out flyers to passersby and afterwards, these potential customers can ask for more details from your employees. Once you get the customers’ attention, they may want to instantly head to your store. …

Charitable Non-Profit And Donor Web Database Template for Access

Secure and User-Friendly Non-Profit Database

Charitable organizations, although they are non-profit, still run like they are a business. They also incur costs and have an organizational structure, whose members should work together for their cause. Like any organization or business, a charitable non-profit organization should also work efficiently and smoothly to deliver to their beneficiaries and make the most of …

Charitable Gifts And Donations Tracker Template For Excel

Find Out Your Donations For One Year

When you are involved in charity, such as giving material or monetary donations or participating in fundraising activities, you will find that you gain a lot of benefits. Being charitable can benefit you socially, financially, psychologically, and even spiritually. Nothing can make you happier than making other people happy in your own ways. Giving gives …

Free Event Postcard Template For Word

Customizable Event Template

Event postcards are an eye-catching, economical and effective way to announce any happening or occasion. An event postcard can be used to announce an upcoming promo or sale, a store opening, a charity ball, fundraising event, a convention, and so much more. These event postcards also serve like an invitation to guests.

Donation Tracker Template for Excel 2013

If you need to keep track of donations received by a non profit organization or any organization that is making fundraising events or campaigns then you can use this free Excel 2013 template. This free donation tracking template for Excel allows you to keep track of all the donations received by a non profit organization …

Fundraising Ideas on How to Raise Money

Today, directly or indirectly we all are associated to profit or non-profit organizations. Every organization is dealt with funds and fundraising is required at almost every step. Or it may be required occasionally like while organizing any event or function. Regardless of reason, fundraising is being a major concern these days. Like have become so …

How to Make a Fundraising Thermometer for PowerPoint

Fundraising Thermometers can be used in PowerPoint presentations and dashboads. What exactly is a fundraising thermometer? It is a  thermometer design used mainly to monitor the progress of funds raised in an online fundraising campaign but also to show in dashboards and presentations based on the goals set beforehand by your organization. If you have …