Diamond Textured Opulent PowerPoint Template

Some presentations require a touch of not only elegance but absolute luxury. And nothing can represent luxury more than the world’s most precious stone, the diamond. In the Diamond Textured Opulent PowerPoint Template, you can channel opulence and grandeur with its subtle diamond texture on a rich, jewel-toned gradient purple background with a platinum metal effect on one side and a shiny gold text effect to accent each slide.


The Diamond Textured Opulent PowerPoint Template can definitely wow your audience because every aspect of this general-purpose template is truly opulent. This template, despite the rich theme, can be used for all kinds or presentations for business, education, home, or personal use. With this template, you can create presentations for your business plans, market research results, project proposals, progress reports, and even household budgets and birthday invitations.

Create Your Own Presentation in Minutes

To get started on your own presentation, just modify the Title Slide that automatically appears when you open the template. Here, you can click the text placeholders to add your title and subtitle. You can create inside slides by selecting the New Slide option on the Home menu in the Ribbon. As you click it, you can see a wide array of professionally designed slide layouts that all have the Diamond Textured Opulent theme.

There are different layouts to suit your every presentation need, such as Title and Content, Content with Caption, etc. All of these slides have the same theme so that you can be sure that your presentation look professional and cohesive each time. The Picture with Caption is especially perfect for creating stunning photo albums with captions.


Easily Accessible Online Template

This Diamond Textured Opulent PowerPoint Template is also in PowerPoint Online, making it easily accessible for people who are always on the go or are travelling on business. The template also has easy collaboration features, which allows you to remotely work on your presentation project with your team even if you are all far away from each other.


As a PowerPoint Online Template, you can easily update the presentation and save it on the cloud, which allows other people who have access to the presentation to input their own changes and view other developments to the presentation. Alternatively, you can also choose to save the template to your own laptop, computer, or mobile device and modify it offline.

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