Download pre-existing contact slide designs and contact PowerPoint templates that you can use as the last slide to finish your presentations. Contact templates for Microsoft PowerPoint may include a variety of contact details in multiple formats, so for example you can use a QR Code to embed your contact information or show a map with the location where to find your headquarter or stores.

Customer Contact List Template For Excel


If you are a business involved in making sales and interacting with your customers, then you know the importance of keeping a close relationship and tight rapport with them. You need to not only provide excellent customer service but also be in touch with them on a regular basis so they are updated with your …

Business Cards Maker Template For PowerPoint

Business Card Template for Flower Shop and Design Industries

Nothing shows thoughtfulness than giving someone flowers. You can give flowers to mark any occasion, even give someone special on an ordinary day, just to show you care. In business, you can give not only your professional contact details but a little bit extra as well using this attractive template. You can give a flower-themed …