Camping Trip Planner For Excel

Camping is a great opportunity for you to be in contact with the outdoors and experience nature. For students and children, this is a great opportunity for them to learn how to survive with the bare necessities as well as see the different forms of nature. For employees, this is a great team building activity. For an individual, this is a way for them to take a break from the suffocating indoors and the stresses of work and life, to get away from it all and breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors.


Whether you are a student, employee, or just someone who loves to go outdoors for camping, the Camping Trip Planner for Excel is a great companion. It can help you plan for the best camping trip for yourself or for a group, ensuring that everything you need to survive and be safe in the outdoors is included in your packing and plans.

Plan for Your Next Camping Trip

The Camping Trip Planner also allows first-time campers to be more confident because they know that their camping trip is planned well. Furthermore, it can help camping organizers of a small or big group to ensure that the camping trip goes smoothly without any unfortunate or unexpected events, which can happen if one is unprepared.

It features details on possible campgrounds, such as Name, Location, Distance, Cost, and Reservations. It also contains Campground Details which contain possible activities that campers can do in particular campgrounds, such as fishing, hiking, hunting, bringing dogs, having a playground for children, and many others.


Never Miss Out on the Fun

This Camping Trip Planner also allows you to list the things you should bring to your camping trip, depending on the selected camping ground and activities you have in store. In the Gear portion of the template, you can list your Clothes, Sleeping Gear, Cooking/Eating Utensils, Food, Emergency Supplies, and other things you may want to bring.

You can also list in the Resources section your Guidebooks, websites for reference, stores to go to or visit before or during your camping trip, maps, and other references.


With this Camping Trip Planner, you can be sure and confident that you have prepared well for your trip and you have everything you need to enjoy and stay safe in the outdoors.

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