Crop Design Business Document Template For Word

When sending reports or documents, especially in a corporate setting, impressions matter. Your documents should not only be well-written. They should also look compelling, stunning, and impressive.


To help you create winning documents that make your company stand out, you can use this Crop Design Business Document Template for Word. This free Word template can be used for a wide variety of business purposes, such as sales letters, corporate correspondence, billing, invoices, reports, and so many more. It doesn’t matter what industry you belong in, this template can suit you.

Crop in the Essentials and Leave Out the Frills

The Word template has a crop theme, meaning it has the universal crop symbol near the four corners of the template page, serving as a minimalist border. This template has a tan design that makes it look even more elegant. Still, it is versatile enough to allow you to create different kinds of business documents using the template.

You can also easily customize the template to suit your brand identity. You can add your letterhead, or your company logo and slogan. You can also add a watermark or even images to the document.


Create Documents That Match Your Style

Furthermore, you can change the theme and color scheme by going to the Design tab in the Ribbon, clicking on Themes, Style Set, Colors, or Fonts to customize the template and match it to your company colors and brand identity.

Another thing about this template is that it can be uploaded to your OneDrive account, just like many other Office Online templates. This means you can access this template anytime and anywhere, using your phone, tablet, or computer browser. This Crop Design Business Document Template can easily be your convenient go-to template if you need a reliable pre-formatted document for any business-related purpose.


You can also use OneDrive to share your business documents with your team, colleagues or bosses so you can be on top and in the loop anywhere you are.

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