Create Handouts in PowerPoint 2010 with Handout Wizard add-in

Creating handouts is needed by many presenters before starting the slideshow, but how easy is for you to create the handouts in PowerPoint? Aside you can create handouts in PowerPoint 2010 by using different approaches, today we will show you how to create advanced Handouts in PowerPoint 2010 with Handouts Wizard add-in.

Handout Wizard add-in for PowerPoint will install a new button under Handout Wizard. When you click it you will be able to create the advanced handout based on the settings.

With this PowerPoint add-in compatible with MS PowerPoint 2010 you can:

  • Create handouts from all slides in the presentation, a slide selection, slide range or from slides in a custom show.
  • Create a handout which is a presentation file which can be edited just as any other presentation.
  • Create thumbnails of Optimum quality (smallest file size), medium and higher quality (preferred for high quality print outputs but largest file size of handout).
  • Lets you control the position/font attributes while numbering the thumbnails.
  • Supports B/W thumbnails, hiding background graphics from master while creating the thumbnails.
  • Lets you define the number of slides per row/per column, order, margins, gap, border, alignment in a custom layout.
  • Also you can control how will auto fit the slide thumbnails based on your options.
  • Lets you create your own layouts for the handout to maintain consistency in formatting and appearance.
  • Creating a layout definition template is easy since it is just another presentation.

The add-in supports multiple page layouts within a single handout. This is not affordable by the default handouts option in PowerPoint. You can also name settings introduced in IIW. These choices can be saved in a session and assign it to a descriptive name for later use. The handout wizard will also create handouts with text from the notes page without the loss of notes text formatting.

Learn more about how to purchase and use Handouts Wizard (1 license pack 39.95 US)