Create And Play 3D Presentations On Projectors And TV With Presente 3D

A good presentation not only includes a set of visually appealing content but also relies on the skills of the presenter and the visual output displayed by the projector or device used to deliver the presentation to the audience. Presente3D is a PowerPoint add-in that allows directly importing stereo images to your presentations and enables generating 3D PowerPoint presentations.

Presente3D, Stereoscopic 3D add-on for Microsoft
The Presente 3D add-in for PowerPoint can be downloaded on a trial basis to test out its features. Once downloaded you might be asked to install some additional features including runtimes for MS office applications. Once the set up wizard completes you can begin using Presente 3D from the additional tab that will be added to PowerPoint.

Presente 3D Add-in For PowerPoint

No Knowledge of 3D Required

The biggest utility of Presente 3D is that it can be used without any knowledge in handling or creating 3D content. The Presente 3D tab in PowerPoint is divided in 4 sections, including Settings, View 3D, Properties And Advanced.

3D Presentation Options

No Additional Hardware Required

You can configure display settings from the Settings section which provides options to adjust 3D Display Mode and Quality Level. Similarly, the View 3D section can be used to View Current Slide, View Last Export and Autoscale objects. Additional settings for output devices can be set from the Advanced section.

3D Presentation

Compatible With 3D TV And Projectors

Presente3D supports 3D TVs and projectors and is suitable for quad buffering and 3D rendering, which helps make your presentations more attractive. Due to the compatibility of 3D Presente with 3D TVs and projectors, you do not need any additional hardware to create and project your presentations. When creating your presentation, you can adjust the Extrude and Z Depth via Properties section.


3D Devices

For a Demo of Presente 3D, see the developer’s video given below.

Presente 3D can be bought for $9.99 for a 1 month license, $24.99 for a 3 month license or $59.99 for one year.

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