Cover Report Template For Word With Cover Picture

Be it for school or corporate needs, there will be times when you would need to create reports on a regular basis. And they don’t have to be just reports. They have to be substantial, relevant, interesting, and compelling. While they have to, of course, be factual, these reports must also look professional and well-made. The Cover Report Template for Word with Cover Picture is a professional, elegantly designed template for cover reports or cover pages. This free Word template is eye-catching and can definitely have any reader turn the pages for more information.


Create a Compelling Case with This Report Template

The cover report page features the document title at the very top of the page, in big, bold letters. Underneath is a professionally taken image of a famous landscape, which features the Grand Canyon, orange against the deep blue, cobalt sky.

Then, under this is the date and document subtitle along colored rectangular shapes. These shapes match the color scheme of the image, in orange and blue. Still underneath this is an abstract of the document or report, to give your readers an idea of what your report is about.


Easily Customize to Incorporate Branding

The following page of this cover report template is going to be your report. There’s the document title and subtitle again. The rest of the report is already made out with sample text. As you can see, the template already contains formatting that will make it easy for you to organize your report.

To customize this cover report template, you can change the image in the cover report with an image from your own computer or from the internet.


You can also change the font styles and formatting of the template to incorporate your corporate colors. As for your content, you can just follow the template’s sample text to find your way through composing your own report.

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