Fall Pictures PowerPoint Template

While you can simply insert images to your slides and you’re done, there are still many other ways to showcase your photos in a way that your audience will never forget. Creating frames, using SmartArt graphics, and applying effects is one thing, but there are also more captivating ways, such as the one we’ll discuss here. The Fall Pictures PowerPoint Template can provide a beautiful and dramatic way of displaying your images in a way that they look three-dimensional.


Showcase Captivating Fall Pictures

The three images in the template are all bordered with white, like a real photograph. Then, they are arranged as if they are overlapping each other, with shadow effects that give each photograph a sense of depth and movement.

The template features expertly captured images of landscapes in the fall, with mountains, rivers, and lakes. These are all set against a gradient black and gray background, which is neutral and can easily match any presentation theme.

You can still of course change the background image to match this fall pictures PowerPoint template. If you have an existing presentation, you can just go ahead and apply your theme to the template.


Insert Your Own Images and Customize

As for the images, you can just delete the sample images one by one, and replace them with your own images. Just remember to apply the same formatting. For example, you have to remember to apply Metal Frame in the Quick Styles option under the Format menu for each image. Then, you can add a subtle shadow effect to add a dimension to each image.

Aside from Metal Frame, you can still create your own style by choosing other options under Quick Styles.  You can also further customize the images by adding your own preset effects, artistic effects, and color to the image, among the many other formatting options available.


This Fall Pictures PowerPoint Template is great for showcasing photography and art, or if you’re in the hospitality industry and you want to show your amenities and features. This template is also great for other industries, such as for showing products and features, as well as for school presentations and personal use.

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