Controllable Time Worksheet For Excel

When you go to your office, the time you do actual, productive work is important. However, there will be times that our productivity will be hindered because of many distractions and counter-productive things that are also part of work life. To help you manage your time well and focus on your most important tasks for the day, you can compute and keep track of your controllable time.


The Controllable Time Worksheet for Excel allows you to keep track of your time at work and be focused on your daily tasks and goals. Controllable time is the time that you have to accomplish something at work, taking into consideration the other unexpected things that you can’t control, such as interruptions, crises, phone calls, emails, requests from the bosses, and many others.

Be in Control of Your Time

With a controllable time in place, you can always keep in mind that despite the unexpected things, there are still goals that you need to reach within that day, whether these goals are for yourself or your company.

The Controllable Time Worksheet for Excel allows you to compute for your uncontrollable and controllable times, so you can allocate your time and energy on those things that matter, therefore making you more productive in the workplace.

In this worksheet template for Excel, you have a table that allows you to list down your work hours and tasks for the day. Here, you have your Hours Breakdown, this is the number of hours you plan to work that day and the meetings that you have scheduled. This already gives you an idea how much time you have left for other things at work.


Make the Most of Your Work Day

Below the Hours Breakdown is the Uncontrollable time, which as mentioned earlier are the things that happen in the workplace that you have no control over. Here, you can list the time you can expect or allocate for Routine Activities, Visitor Interruptions, Phone Calls, Crisis, and other things which you can just add in the template. The Total Uncontrollable Time is automatically calculated for you.

Then, below this, is the Estimate of Total Controllable Time, which is the time you can use for all your tasks and goals for the day. This is derived when you subtract the meetings scheduled and uncontrollable time from the number of hours you plan to work.


This template also comes with a handy to-do list, which allows you to lists your tasks for the day and prioritize them with color-coding effects.

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