Product Price List Template For Excel

If you are a business establishment involved in selling products to customers, then you know the importance of keeping a well-organized and regularly updated product price list template. This will allow you to always have an updated list of your products that are for sale as well as its prices, which may often fluctuate due to supplier prices and raw materials availability.


This Product Price List Template for Excel contains one table where you can list down all your product details. It start with a heading, where you can put your company name and contact information. You can even insert your company logo to personalize your product list.

You can also type in as many products in the list table, so you can be sure that whatever industry you belong in and whatever product you have to offer, you can always have an organized and updated record. The template features a couple of sample entries that will serve as your guide. You can delete these and type in your own.

The product price list table contains the product name, description, retail price per unit, and bulk price per unit. There is also a Last Updated portion on top of the table so you can determine if you have the latest list on hand.


You can add more products and easily filter through every category using the built in filter and sorting options, making this template great even for small stores to mini-groceries, as well as clothing boutiques, cosmetics stores, and even pharmacies.


And because this template can be uploaded to OneDrive as Excel Online, you can easily access this product price list even when you’re not in front of your desk. You can also keep your product price list updated anytime, even when you have two or more store branches that you go to. This is because you can just open a browser and go to the Microsoft Online portal to access your product price list using any smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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