Conduct Online Meetings, Webinars And Training Courses With GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting is a web based platform for holding webinars, online meetings or conducting training courses. This web service offers three types of products including GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. GoToMeeting is meant for conducting sales demos or online collaboration, with the option to have up to 25 attendees per session. Similarly, GoToWebinar is meant for marketing presentations and company events, with the option to have 100-1000 attendees. In case you are looking to conduct training sessions remotely, then you can opt for GoToTraining and have up to 200 attendees. The GoToWebinar and GoToTraining packages both come with GoToMeeting features. All products can be tested out on a 30-day trial basis.

From the aforementioned details it is evident that GoToMeeting is a useful platform for conducting online meetings, sales, demos and training courses with hundreds of attendees from around the globe. The GoToMeeting platform comes with several dynamic features which includes the option to present a PowerPoint presentation, have a voice conversation, as well as to address hundreds of attendees.

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GoToMeeting is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices and all you need to do to start a meeting is to launch GoToMeeting on your device and login with your account.


After logging in, you can Instantly start a meeting by clicking on the Meet Now option. You can also click on the Schedule Meeting option to schedule your meeting.

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In the next step, you can invite collaborators to join you in the meeting after which you can instantly start a face to face meeting. The process for providing online training course via GoToTraining or holding webinars using GoToWebinar is also quite similar. With any of the GoToMeeting packages you can not only get the utility to connect with other users for a face to face meeting but also record meeting sessions, share your keyboard and mouse, use drawing tools for your presentations, start meetings from MS Office, email or instant messaging tools, use your voice output device or phone to talk to other users, etc.

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To sign up for any of the available packages you will require entering your personal and billing information. The 30 day free trial comes with the option to conduct unlimited online webinars,with up to 100 attendees, audio support via telephone or mic and speakers, as well as free training for using the GoToMeeting platform with 24/7 support. The reason the user requires entering billing information is to ensure that the service will continue uninterrupted at the end of the free trial. For detailed package costs and rules related to the use of the trial version, visit the developer’s website.

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  1. Gotomeeting works well. However, we needed more security for conducting our business meetings; hence we switched over to RHUB web conferencing appliances. It works from behind my firewall.

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