QR Voice: Generates QR Code for a synthesized voice message

Last updated on December 19th, 2023

QR Voice is a handy tool that generates a QR code speech from a written text. You don’t need to register in order to start using it and just need to type what you want the QR code to say when someone scans it. You can also add your own voice which will be converted from speech to text and then a QR Code will be generated. The text will be hide behind the QR Code in an audio format, so that when people read this code with their smartphone they will hear the text you typed in their device.

QR Voice Tool

You can add your own text and generate the QR code and then you can copy this code to PowerPoint to any slide to make your presentation viral. When someone scans the code during the presentation they can hear what you have to say. Alternatively, you may consider to use the QR Code addin for PowerPoint if you need to generate custom QR Codes for your presentations.

Learn more in http://qrvoice.net/?id=WlG4Wq – Alternatively, learn how to insert a QR Code into PowerPoint.

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