Color Effects in PowerPoint 2010

PowerPoint has a lot of new features that lets you use it as a replacement for your photo editing tool. In fact, there are many image features that makes it possible to rely completely in PowerPoint instead of using any external editing tool like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp.

However, most users may not know about the existence of these great color effects in PowerPoint and how to apply the images and color effects to our pictures and slides.

First, it is important to understand where we can find the images and color options in PowerPoint editor.

Color effects in PowerPoint 2010

There are many different sections and options available. For example on the left we can find some options to remove the background (use transparent color as background), control the saturation and bright and contrast (corrections), replace the color or change the color tone of the image, as well as some other options that a greater or lesser extent to control the color of the image.

recolor powerpoint

One of the most useful features here to replace the color is the recolor PowerPoint feature. As displayed in the image above, you can use recolor to completely replace the color of the original image and convert the image to other color scheme.

In this example we can see that the image can be changed to almost any other color instead of the original bright color. For example, if we want to convert the image to black and white or add a sepia effect in PowerPoint, then we can use this recolor feature.

Definitely this is also a great tool if we are PowerPoint designers and need to make PowerPoint templates with color variants. By using the color replace tool or recolor, we can create many different templates using different color schemes.