Using different layouts in PowerPoint to share ideas

Sometimes you need to share ideas and concepts in PowerPoint presentations, but instead of getting tight with the default layout, why don’t create your own slide layout? This can be really helpful to perform PowerPoint presentations and captivate the audience, in particular when you are presenting a slide with important concepts. This can really help the audience to preserve the important concepts. Help the audience to think on this:

“ah, I remember that from the original slide layout in the presentation…”

 In PowerPoint it is easy to change the layout, but if you prefer to use a template, you can use the Slide Mater view to edit the PowerPoint theme and re-design the layout, for example if you wnat to show a product page, you can create your own Product page layout with a Purchase now button in the slide. This will be definitely more original than using the default Title and Content layout or even the two columns layout that comes in PowerPoint presentations.