Why People Might Be Dozing Off During Your Presentation

Have you ever been to a conference or seminar, where even 5 minutes afterwards, you failed to remember what the speaker said? Far too many times, I guess! And, that’s certainly not your fault, as it so happens with many presenters that they fail to understand purpose of their presentation and go ahead with making irrelevant attempts to jazz up their presentation that leads them nowhere.

Here, Jezzy an entrepreneur from California shares, “Recently, I attended a seminar that was supposed to last 20 minutes, but just because the presenter had created around 56 slides, so it went for approximately an hour-and-half. I guess I was dozing off half the time, for it was not captivating at all. I felt like killing that presenter at that time!” Well, that’s the case with most of the presenters.

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Without even clearly outlining the scope of their topic of discussion, presenters tend to give presentations that can hardly interest an audience. Leave aside the interest factor, after seeing such a performance, audiences leave the room with a negative impression. If, as a presenter, this has ever happened to you, then here are a few common issues that will explain why people might be dozing off during your presentation.

When on stage, several speakers tend to get carried away with the flow of presentation, so much so that they are willing to take all the time in the World. This can really turn-off the audience, as it does not only show your woeful timeliness, but also gives an impression that you do not respect the time and space of your listeners.

Secondly, many presenters are so busy adding text to their slides that visuals take a back seat. Even though slides are complementary, but then these are meant to add credibility to your PPT presentation. This means unnecessary graphics, sloppy animations, unexplained acronyms and irritating clipart will eventually¬†fail to grab audience’s eyeballs, thus, making them disinterested.

Thirdly, if you thought your audience to be illiterate and are trying to do them a favor by simply reading text written on your slides, then it’s time to wake up, for your audience has already gone into the sleeping zone. It may so happen that you will be asked by your audience to either give them something far more interesting and if that is not the case, they prefer sleep to your story telling.

That is not it! If you are not interacting with audience and assuming your presentation to be a one-sided affair, then it will literally doze off your listeners for they will feel secluded.

What’s the meaning of your presentation if you fail to connect with the audience? So, think before you speak and know before you act or else your presentation is out of reach.

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