Using Google Images to Get Some Inspiration

Working with PowerPoint templates requires some inspirations  so you can design new templates for your presentation projects. There are many places where you can get some inspiration.  Go out of the office for a few minutes and walk, see nature, people talking, dogs in the park, etc. Each new color and shape that you see around can inspire you.

But if you can’t go out of the office for a few minutes or take a coffee, you can still look for inspirational ideas on the Internet. Google Images can help you find new artwork and design ideas. Go to and you’ll get tons of images. (Caution: Not all them are free and some may be protected by copyright law).  Getting inspirations from Google Images can help you find color schemes for the PowerPoint templates you will be using on your presentations.

For example, your company has a blue-colored logo or company branding, you can use a blue-colored powerpoint template for your company presentations. Go to Google Images or other search engines to find “blue templates”. You will get results like the following:

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