Charity to Receive Money from Ryanair, the World’s Famous Airline

Ryanair began its search for a charity partner to receive the entire sales proceeds (up to €100,000) from the 2012 edition of the world famous Ryanair Cabin Crew Charity Calendar. If your charity organization decides to apply in this contest you’d need to submit a PowerPoint presentation with up to 10 PowerPoint Slides following the rules below.

In the PowerPoint for Ryanair basically you’d need to outline why your charity organization should receive the money and what the 100.000 will be used for. As detailed in Ryanair website, this PowerPoint presentation should include:

  1. A brief background or history of the charity organization and its work.
  2. An outline of what the €100,000 proceeds will be used for.
  3. Charity registration number.
  4. Charity Contact details.

For more information about this Ryanair contest you can read it here. And if you need free PowerPoint templates to be used as a presentation background, we encourage your organization to browse our free PowerPoint backgrounds slides gallery.