Charitable Non-Profit And Donor Web Database Template for Access

Charitable organizations, although they are non-profit, still run like they are a business. They also incur costs and have an organizational structure, whose members should work together for their cause. Like any organization or business, a charitable non-profit organization should also work efficiently and smoothly to deliver to their beneficiaries and make the most of their resources. 

Keep a Secure Record of Your Donors for Documentation and Acknowledgement

The Charitable Non-Profit and Donor Web Database Template for Access is a specially designed template for non-profit organizations. It is very user-friendly, making it suitable even for beginners. It features tutorial videos to guide first-time users throughout the database.

It is designed to let you easily view and manage your fundraising and other charitable activities. It also lets you keep track of your organization’s tasks, as well as record your campaign and donation data. It has an easy, built-in report function to allow you to view the information you want to see for reporting and analysis. It provides easy sharing options to SharePoint servers with Access Services so you and your team can easily collaborate in real time online.

Secure and User-Friendly Non-Profit Database

The Charitable Non-Profit and Donor Web Database Template starts with the Main dashboard where you can view your Dashboard, Campaigns, Donors, and Users. In the Campaigns Tab, you can list all your campaigns for the year and plan ahead. You can list a campaign ID, campaign name, owner or person responsible, and other details. You can also see Events, Donations and Tasks under the Campaign tab. These are all information for you to plan and organize your non-profit organization’s activities and the people in charge for each of their executions.

Meanwhile, the Donors Tab is where you can list your Donors. You can assign a Donor ID, and list their First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Job Title, and many other particulars. This way, you can get to know who are helping you with your campaign and see how much you have reached through your fundraising activities. This is also specially important if you want to give tokens and other rewards to those who have donated.

Keep Track of Your Fundraising Campaigns and Community Activities

The Users tab is where members of your charitable non-profit organization can be seen. Here you can list their email addresses and other contact information, Full Name, and Login Details.

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