Animated Risky Tightrope PowerPoint Template

Running an organization is risky business where one might require walking on a tightrope. To analyze this dilemma there are many tools that are used, such as a risk analysis, SWOT analysis, Boston Matrix, etc. To make a presentation about risk, competitors, threats and the like, you need to create presentation slides that are both thought provoking and interesting. The Animated Risky Tightrope PowerPoint Template can help you demonstrate such topics with perfection.

Create Presentations About Risks With Interesting Animated Slides

What’s great about this PowerPoint Presentation Template is that it brings a rich set of animations, clipart and associated sample content that you can conveniently customize to match your needs. The presentation template starts off with the animation of a stick figure walking on a rope. This animation is customizable like all other slides in the template.

Animated Risky Tightrope PowerPoint Template

Add Your Own Content To Personalize Animated Slides

To customize the given animated slides, just add your own text and images in the given placeholders. You can also add additional content outside the sample placeholders.

Create presentations about risks with animated slides

Copy, Drag And Drop Objects To Customize Slides

The sample slides come with elements that can be easily dragged and dropped. You can also copy clipart from different slides (including the sample clipart slides) to use them according to need. Furthermore, slide objects are also easy to resize to suit your requirements.

Risk clipart images

Graphs, Tables And SmartArt Graphics

The template also comes with editable charts, tables and SmartArt layouts that can be quite handy when presenting data, figures and comparisons.

You can download this template for PowerPoint and Keynote, including:

  • PowerPoint for PC
  • PowerPoint for Mac
  • Keynote (iPad and Mac)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Risky Tightrope PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Risky Tightrope PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Risk analysis chart slide

Customizable Stick Figure Tightrope Animation

You can also download this animation as a GIF, MOV or SWF file for presentations and personal projects. The below image shows the customization options available at the developer’s website which allow adding your own text to the animation, along with the option to set saturation, brightness, reflection, shadow and TINT.

By adjusting the TINT, you can change the color of the custom text to match your template’s theme.

Go to Presenter Media – Customizable Stick Figure Tightrope Animation

Customize tightrope clipart

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