Is iPhone 6 Plus An iPad killer?

Companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung and various others prevailing globally launched tablets to be a rival of Apple iPad but nothing stood off against it but finally a gadget was introduced recently that could be the iPad killer, the all new iPhone 6 Plus. Yes, you read it absolutely right.

iPhone 6 an iPad killer

Here are a few things that would probably make iPhone 6 Plus and iPad killer:

Although its screen is 5.5 inch but it’s perfect, as compared to any tablet, which is usually 7.5 inch or 7 inch, for almost every individual that fits in the pocket ideally. One can take it along anywhere on the go, which is the greatest benefit over a tablet. Most people prefer reading books on iPad but as it is not portable it becomes a bit difficult sometimes to carry. Apple iPhone 6 Plus also has Kindle App and its screen size is also appropriate to read a book while traveling or anywhere else.

Moreover, its screen resolution is much better than iPad. It provides better display in comparison. Apart from this, the camera of iPhone 6 Plus is far better than that of iPad. It comprises of an 8 megapixel camera with image stabilization and autofocus. In addition, Apple iPhone 6 Plus is much lighter than iPad, which is 5.71 ounces and 6.06 ounces respectively. As compared to the thinness of iPad which is 0.35 inches, iPhone 6 Plus is only 0.28 inch thick.

iPhone lovers were surprised by the introduction of the latest feature, NFC (Near Field Communication) in the all new iPhone 6 Plus. Now you can play for various online merchants such as Subway, Whole Foods, McDonalds, Macy’s, and Walgreens, and much more. This has been possible with its own Apple Pay method service with the support from American Express, MasterCard and Visa. Such features have also been prevailing in various Google devices but was not adopted by most people.

A unique Device Account Number will be assigned by Apple and is stored on a dedicated chip in the iPhone 6 Plus and for enhanced security, in case the phone is lost, the payments can be disabled from the webpage of Apple’s Find My iPhone. This feature will now be expected to popularize the system of mobile payments throughout the world.

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