Changing lines in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint you can make simple lines and change the arrow styles by changing the connector type used for the lines. Here we will show you how to change the connector settings and make curved lines in PowerPoint or right lines using an elbow connector.

lines powerpoint

In order to change the line types, we need to draw a line shape using the Shapes panel in PowerPoint. You can learn more how to draw lines in PowerPoint by reading or related article.

Once you insert a shape, you can change the connector type.

connector type

The three options available let you choose between 3 different line types. If you don’t like to use simple arrows, you can learn more how to create nice arrow effect in PowerPoint.

  • Straight connector let you create a straight line arrow
  • Elbow connection is the second line in the example above, using a right angle in the middle of the arrow
  • Curved connector let you create a curved line or curved arrow in PowerPoint

Finally, we can customize the color and arrow settings in the shape properties, as usual.

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