The How To Of Winning A Debate Contest

If a question is raised here as to what actually defines a debate, then majority of people will end up projecting it as a verbal argument where one is supposed to counteract the opinion of other, so as to win over the contest. But, to your mere dismay, its answer is just the opposite.

winning a debate

Let’s take for instance the debates between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama during the course of Presidential elections. Now, that is what we call a debate! It’s a healthy exchange of ideas where two opponents present two different perspectives on the same topic without entering into a verbal war of words. It’s a discussion that is meant to educate audience with your individualistic thought process.

Now that may sound far too simple, but if the question here is to win a competition, then you certainly need to pull up your socks. So, here is a quick overview of some valuable tips for winning a debate contest. Read through sincerely, to gain a clear insight.

It’s Not About Negating Your Opponents

First of all, negating or overly exaggerating an argument does no good. Rather, it only shows lack of strength in your content. So, adopt the practice of promoting dialogue to convince your audience. For this, you need to rehearse well your topic of discussion, be descriptive and be ready for the last moment changes to spruce up your argument.

Rationality is The key

Following a rational attitude towards the topic of discussions creates a lasting impression on your audience. So, have clarity of thought, be present mentally and listen carefully to your opponent, so as to strike back with an equally captivating argument. But, at no point should you turn the discussion lame by indulging into personal comments.

Quoting Real Life Examples Can Turn Things in Favor

This is one trick that never fails, so make it a practice to support your argument with real life instances so as to add weightage to it. This strategy even shows your intellectual level and presence of mind. Basically, know what you want to say much before you are going to deliver it so that it looks more relevant.

Further, non-verbal components like your gestures, hand movements, presentation skills and body language also impact integrity of your argument. Thus, whenever you participate in a debate, know one thing for sure that at the end; it is your distinctiveness that will eventually turn things in your favor.

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