Tickle Your Audience’s Funny Bone With A Humorous Wedding Speech

Weddings are most definitely a joyous occasion for everyone, unless you are the one paying for everything because that would definitely not be joyous for you. But for everyone else it is a time to just enjoy and gear up for a new and completely different life than either party was ever used to.

Weddings are also a time for speeches and terror for those who hate public speaking! But it’s not so bad because weddings are also a great time to overcome this fear of public speaking that most people have. And one of the best ways to do that is through humor!

Humor is a powerful weapon to have in your public speaking arsenal because it has the power to attract and catch people’s attention. And you can easily tickle your audience’s funny bone with a humorous wedding speech!

tips for wedding speech

But there should be a fine balance because obviously you can’t make it too humorous, as it would end up becoming a joke! A bit of humor is fine but too much humor is definitely not because even if weddings are supposed to be a time of fun and enjoyment but it is still a serious affair.

And since weddings comprise of so many different speeches, there’s always something that you can do to add humor! Say if you are the brother of the groom, then you can surely embarrass him a bit probably by talking about something from the past when you were kids. And obviously something which would just elicit laughter from the audience and not gasps or shrieks. That is something no one would want!

If you are the best man, then you have an edge over others to make your speech humorous! You can talk about the old time and how the groom has changed ever since he met the bride. Plus, you can also talk about some funny past experience that you might have shared with him. That would surely crack everyone up!

And if you are the father of the bride then you can take it to the next level! You can talk about how you hated the fact that the groom dated your daughter and how you just wanted to punch him. All in light humor obviously and in all probability no one would take you seriously either.

So if you are looking to attract the attention of the wedding guests and are looking to become the star of the wedding, this is what you should do.

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