Secrets To An Applause Worthy Best Man Speech

It is said that weddings are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. For a couple, it is the most auspicious and special moment of their lives. However, amidst the celebrations, if you are being chosen to deliver the best man speech, then take it as an honor. It shows that the soon-to-be-wedded couple feels attached with you. And, they are expecting something equally special and admirable from your side.

Nevertheless, not each one of us feels as excited about public speaking. No wonder there are reasons, so no one is to be blamed for this either.

best man in a wedding

To begin with, giving a speech in front of a gathering itself tends to give jitters. Adding to it, if it’s a best man speech, there are lots of emotions and thoughts involved. So, every single word you speak up is supposed to have relevance. Moreover, there are certain secrets of applause worthy best man speech that deserve an open eye, such as:

Firstly, the fact that you have been asked to be the best man shows that your presence makes a difference. Thus, instead of focusing on yourself, it is suggested to lay focus on the couple and the joyous moments you shared with them. But, be careful of not revealing too much of information that you just end up embarrassing the couple. Know where to stop!

Secondly, no wonder your speech might be entertaining enough, but it cannot be ignored that you are hindering the celebrations. Thus, make it a point to keep your speech short, but interesting. For this, you can quote a few lovable experiences. You can even think of an interesting way to end your speech. For instance, you can raise toast to the couple and call them up on stage for dance.

Lastly, script of a speech is never the deciding factor; it is the presentation skills that make the difference. So, be it your voice pitch, your humor or your way of audience involvement, try to add credibility to whatever you do by showing some interest.

Do remember that giving a good best man speech does not mean that you have to make groom’s friends laugh and bride’s parents cry out loud. Rather, the purpose of your speech is to lighten up the whole environment while sharing a few candid moments. So, be yourself, know what you want to talk about and just go with the flow. The result will be much more welcoming than you had planned!

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