Shun Those Filler Words To Deal With Presentation Vagueness

When speaking publicly, we often tend to fill in the gap or pause during the course of presentation with something or almost anything. But, somewhere down the line we are forgetting that using those filler words or irrelevant sounds, might be entirely killing our presentations.

Most often, an excessive baggage of filler words like um, ah, you know, so, hmm, actually, basically, etc, only hints towards  the weakness of your argument. The irrelevant stances do not only hinder your speech, but also these are a loud expression of your nervousness and inability in putting forward your thoughts clearly.

filler words in presentations

That is still not the end! When we use filler words in our presentations, it shows our lack of preparedness and inexperience. The pause fillers rule our subconscious thoughts, so thinking of a complete elimination at the starting point itself, may not work in the best interest of your presentation abilities. To help you overcome the not so welcoming habit, we are highlighting tips on how to shun away those fillers to deal with presentation vagueness.

Chunking- Maintaining a Rhythm Works

Chunking is speaking in chunks or short paragraphs, with breaks in between. Maintaining a rhythm with burst of words followed by break and then again a chunk of words really works positively. Since, here pause replaces the filler words so you get an enhanced level of authority, self-control and confidence.

This way, grabbing the attention of your audience also becomes easier, as you give them enough time in between the pauses to digest your thoughts.

Know Your Weaknesses Before Others Do

Take a note of restricted words that you have been fashionably using till date. And, at the time of rehearsals, make a conscious effort to at least cut down those fillers. Even though fillers may not be a big deal, but undue usage always gets noticed for bad reasons.

Complete Elimination Does not Help

Filler words surely cut down the creativity and perception of any presenter. But, there are certain words like basically, eventually or sound like uh, that do not harm when used in moderation. So, concluding complete elimination to be the key; may not turn down things in your favor.

Unless you are a verbally talented and professionally horned public speaker having brilliant communication skills, it is but quite natural to overdo fillers. So, you do not need to fret from these. Rather, try to reduce them and overtime, you will witness a positive change in the fluency of your speech.

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