Open Source Hadoop Architecture PowerPoint Template

If you need help designing your next Hadoop solution based on Hadoop Architecture then you can check the PowerPoint template or presentation example provided by the team Hortonworks. The company did just release a set of icons in a PowerPoint presentation so you can build nice flow charts and other visual representations of big data architectures and solutions using a Hadoop Architecture.

Open Source Hadoop Architecture PowerPoint Template

The icons uses the company’s color scheme but you can easily edit them and this fact doesn’t make it any less useful. You can find icons for:

  • IP Load Balancing
  • Network Router
  • Network Switch
  • Server, Data Center, Rack and Existing System
  • Disk and Storage icons
  • Cloud Icons
  • Ethernet connectors

Above you can see some of the icons that are available for use from this big data PPT presentation. This set of illustrations and icons can help you to create Big Data diagrams for PowerPoint presentations based on Hadoop architecture and principles.

Here is what the author of Horton Works says about this great iconography set in a PowerPoint template.

The best architecture diagrams are those that impart the intended knowledge with maximum efficiency and minimum ambiguity. But sometimes there’s a need to add a little pizazz, and maybe even draw a picture or two for those PowerPoint moments. We’ve built a small set of Hadoop-related icons that might help you next time you need that picture focusing on the intended function of various components. If you need the official logos then you can grab those from the various Apache project sites. We also put in some thoughts on how to use them for best effect, but feel free to ignore us and use them however you like.

Aside of these basic icons for network diagrams in PowerPoint, you can find other complex icons for Hadoop architecture, including Ambari for Management, Monitoring, Oozie for Scheduling, Yarn Resource Manager, name Node, Data Node, HBase as well as other icons for HDP or Nodes, clusters. Finally, there are other nice icons for Knox security and Zookeeper, Hive Metastore, Registry, Database, Task Tracker and Job Tracker. You can also use the containers designs which are also included in this template. In the figure below you can see an example of diagram for Big Data presentations created with this set of icons.

big data icons hadoop

We are all expecting the to have new iconography for other Big Data presentation topics including MapReduce (MapR), Cloudera, EMC and Intel Distribution.

Visit: Download Set of Hadoop Architecture Icons for PowerPoint presentations – Via Gigaom

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