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Last updated on September 1st, 2023

Creating timeline presentations in PowerPoint can require a lot of time and if you are not proficient with PowerPoint, the chances are that you will not be able to create a professional looking timeline, i.e. unless you are using a readymade template. Whether you are a PowerPoint expert or a beginner, saving some time on creating a timeline is worth it, therefore, you can use various timeline templates to get the job done more conveniently. Below are two Animated PowerPoint Templates by Presenter Media for creating timeline presentations.

Timeline Toolkit for Better Presentations

This timeline template for PowerPoint comes with a number of sample slides with animated timelines. You can use these slides to create animated timeline presentations in a matter of minutes, by simply adding relevant text, images, clipart, etc.

Timeline Toolkit - Create animated timeline slides in PowerPoint in a matter of seconds
Create animated timeline slides in PowerPoint in a matter of seconds

Editable Animated Slides in a Timeline Presentation

The animated slides come interconnected with animations and adding mere text may just be enough to create a eye-catching presentation.

Editable Animated Slides

Create Timelines With Various Readymade Slides And Backgrounds

Using this template you can display timelines in a variety of ways, with different backgrounds and animations. There are many alternative timeline animations that can be used as per your requirement. This can also help you prepare multiple presentations by using the given sample slides from within this template.

Create Timelines With Various Readymade Slides

Timeline Toolkit 2

This is another readymade template for making timelines, with nice animations and various timelines with different backgrounds, concepts, animations and clipart.

Animated Timelines

Instantly Grab The Attention Of Your Audience

This Timeline Toolkit 2 template has been designed with even more attractive timelines than its sister template (Timeline Toolkit), as it has more visually appealing graphics and animations with a more elaborate design. However, editable sample slides from both templates can be used together or individually for creating different types of timelines and timeline related presentations, with just a bit of added text, copy-paste of given clipart and a bit of improvisation.

Instantly Grab The Attention Of Your Audience

Timeline Toolkit 2 Video Demo

Below is a video showing the different sample slides of the Timeline Toolkit 2.

Hence, you can use both of the above mentioned templates for easily creating amazing animated presentations to display timelines and that too with minimum effort. Both of Timeline Toolkits work with the following versions of PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – Timeline Toolkit

Go to Presenter Media – Timeline Toolkit 2

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