Animated Flat Map Template For PowerPoint

One of the most interesting combinations for making a good business presentation is to combine maps and animations. We have previously reviewed a number of PowerPoint Map Templates, including both static and animated templates. Global Popup Template for PowerPoint is another fine map template which provides animations, clipart, charts, SmartArt Graphics and more.

Map Template With Animations and Movable Map Objects

This PowerPoint Template offers a flat map with an animation of people popping up on the map. This animation can be symbolically used for making presentations about the growing world population, human development or development in general, as well as business and finance themed presentations related to market share, customers, market niches, etc.

Global Popup PowerPoint Template

The objects within this template are quite flexible and you can easily move, copy or remove objects to customize your slides.

Movable Map Objects

The template also offers a variety of clipart images to help you complement your presentation. These include images like pins, stick figure clipart, globes and a flat world map. This template is available for PowerPoint for PC and Mac, as well as for Keynote. You can use this template with the following applications and versions:

  • PowerPoint 2003-2013 (PC)
  • PowerPoint 2008-2011 (Mac)
  • Keynote 09 (iPad and Mac)

Go to Presenter Media – Global Popup Template for PowerPoint

World Map Clipart Images

Animated Video Template With Flat Map

You can also download the above template in the form of a single-slide video animation for PowerPoint or in the form of a video animation as a Flash, Windows Media or Apple MOV video.

Animated Video Template With Flat Map

The below screenshot shows the Global Popup Animation running in Windows Media player. IF you choose to download he video version of this animation, you can use it for various purposes other than presentations, such as for making videos or on a website. The Global Popup Video Animation can be downloaded in the following formats:

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Windows Media Video (WMV)
  • Apple’s Quick Time Video (MOV)
  • Flash (FLV)

Go to Presenter Media – Global Popup Video Animation

Global Popup Animation

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