Free 6 Frames per Slide Storyboard Template for PowerPoint

Storyboard template

This 6 Frames per Slide Storyboard Template is a free printable template design for storyboarding in PowerPoint.

Storyboards are graphic organizers in the form of illustrations. They are displayed in sequence and helps to pre-visualize a motion picture, an animation, motion graphic or interactive media sequence. This storyboard PowerPoint template will let you create and print storyboards in PowerPoint. You can easily customize it to suit your own needs whether it’s for education or eLearning, project planning, brainstorming, or task scheduling.

Graphic organizers like storyboards are widely used in different industries. They are very popular in the advertising industry and animation studios that’s why Walt Disney Studio developed the storyboarding process as we know it nowadays.

If you need to make a simple storyboard design, you can download the free template or create a basic storyboard layout using PowerPoint.

This simple, free storyboard PowerPoint template that you can download was created using PowerPoint shapes. You can easily edit the shapes to match any desired layout. For more options, check this list of some of the finest storyboard templates for PowerPoint.

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