Best Social Media Mockup Templates

Last updated on November 10th, 2023

Creating social media mockups can be laborious and quite difficult for people new to graphic designing. However, you can use easy to edit mockup templates using MediaModifier to make your job easy. In a previous post we showed you how to create mockups with MediaModifier. In this post we will provide you with a list of the Best Social Media Mockup Templates to create customizable mockups in minutes.

Best social media mockup templates

Infographics & Statistics Facebook Post Mockup Template

This is a very good mockup template for creating Facebook posts with infographics. You can add your own content to the sample template by editing it right from within a browser. You can also download other Facebook templates for making mockups for Facebook posts, Facebook banners, Facebook 3D and Facebook links.

Facebook post

Go to Infographics & Statistics Facebook Post Mockup Template

Twitter Post Design Mocukp Template

The Twitter post design mockup template shown below can be edited for making optimized twitter posts. you can also change the resolution of the mockup template to turn it into a Twitter header image. Furthermore, you can add your own images, text or shapes and pictures from MediaModifier to the mockup template.

Twitter post template

Go to Twitter Post Design Mockup Template

Road to Success Instagram Post Mockup Template

Road to success is the name of an Instagram post mockup template which can be used for making optimized Instagram posts. this easy to customize post template gives a replaceable sample image, with space for adding text. You can replace the sample photo with your own, add required text and optionally change the background with another image or color.

instagram post template

Go to Road to Success Instagram Post Template

LinkedIn Mockup Generator Template

Whether you want to create a LinkedIn ad or post, this template can be used for making a LinkedIn mockup with custom elements from the LinkedIn website design. The right menu shows sliders for adding or removing design elements such as Top Text, Title, Description, Your Image, ad Frame, Background Color, etc.

linkedin post mockup

Go to LinkedIn Mockup Generator Template | Other LinkedIn Templates.

YouTube Video Player Page Mockup Generator Template

This is a customizable template for creating a YouTube video player page mockup. you can also define the elements you require by selecting the elements you need via the sliders on the right. The slider offers slide elements like Control Bar, Shadow, Sidebar Videos, Channel Info, etc. This template is also available as a downloadable PDF file.

youtube video player page mockup generator template

Go to YouTube Video Player Page Mockup Generator Template

TikTok Profile Mockup Template

This is a template for making TikTok profile mockups with options for adding or removing a Profile Image, Name, Username, Follow stats, etc. You can also download your custom template as a PhotoShop PSD.

tiktok mockup template

Go to TikTok Profile Mockup Template

Social Media Mockup Template

This is a generic social media mockup template which can be used for creating a social media website mockup within a laptop frame. The mockup template also contains 3D social media icons, with the option to add or remove elements from the template.

social media mockup template

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You can download a wide range of social media mockup templates, with customizable resolution and optimized presets from MediaModifier.

Learn more here MediaModifier mockup templates and online mockup generators.

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