Coronavirus Template and Clipart for PowerPoint

As we come to grips with the spread of a global pandemic, it is important to raise awareness regarding the spread of the Coronavirus. And how to prevent its spread by taking the necessary precautions that can help prevent the disease. Coronavirus Template and Clipart for PowerPoint mentioned below can help you create slides to raise awareness regarding COVID-19.

Animated Coronavirus Template for PowerPoint

This animated presentation template gives a number of useful slides for making Coronavirus related presentation slides. You can mention how the disease spreads, how to take preventive measures and customize work routines to go through self-isolation.

animated coronavirus template for powerpoint

The template provides a number of sample infographics with some mention of preventive measures related to the Novel Coronavirus. You can also add your own content for adding additional information for this purpose. Furthermore, you can also add your own clipart, text and statistics to further refine the topic.

virus infographic

There is also a world map, as well as a map of the United States, one of the worst hit countries with the pandemic. You can use the movable GPS markers to pinpoint areas on the maps or color code the maps to show how the disease is spreading or to show the number of people who have recovered from the disease.

coronavirus map

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Emoji Virus Mask Clipart

Emoji virus clipart is a high-quality clipart which can be used for discussing viruses, including the Coronavirus. This clipart can be downloaded with a blank, white or colorful background of your choice. To customize the look of the clipart, you can adjust options from the developer’s page.

emoji mask clipart

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Virus Not Allowed Clipart

This is another high-resolution clipart with a virus crossed out. You can download a custom version of this clipart after making the necessary adjustments from the download page.

virus not allowed clipart

The previous templates can be helpful to prepare presentations on COVID-19 or presentations related to Coronavirus. The face mask slides for PowerPoint can also be useful to prepare infographics on topics related to Coronavirus like How to Disinfect Money or an infographic on hand washing or social distancing.

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You can download the Coronavirus Template and Clipart for PowerPoint, as well as other healthcare and medical presentation content from PresenterMedia.

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