How to Create a Facebook Mockup

Last updated on November 10th, 2023

How to Create a Facebook Mockup

Creating a mockup for Facebook can be cumbersome, considering the various resolution requirements for Facebook, posts, links and banners. MediaModifier is a web service for making optimized mockups for social media platforms, digital devices, book covers, apparel, etc. With MediaModifier you can easily create all types of Facebook mockups and customize them by using simple editing features. You can customize a Facebook profile mockup template, like the cover image used for this post, or a Facebook post template for social media. There are also Facebook 3D ads customizable via mockups as well.

Pick a Facebook Mockup Template

You can get started with MediaModifier by picking a Facebook mockup template. You can also create designs from scratch and later define the resolution according to need.

facebook mockup templates

Edit Mockup Layers

There are different layers in sample mockups, which you can edit by selecting and modifying objects.

adjust mockup layers

Pick Your Background Style

With the mockup tool, you can change the background with a color, image or remove it altogether. Similarly, you can add text, add or remove mockup objects and insert your own images.

pick a facebook mockup background

Choose from a Range of Photos

There is a vast archive of stock photos provided by the web app which can be used for adding background images and overlay pictures to create your mockup.

background image

You can also insert your logo and adjust any added object using easy editing features. The seamless integration of MediaModifier makes it possible to quickly replace objects within mockups, while retaining other parts of the design. This can help you pick and choose content best suitable for your mockups.

facebook mockup background

Pick Facebook Mockup Size

You can choose a custom size or select optimized sizes for your Facebook mockups. Whether you’re making a Facebook post mockup, banner mockup or a link mockup, there is a preset to pick from.

Facebook mockup resolution

Download or Share Facebook Mockup

You can download or share your mockups using the Download or Publish option. Mockups can be downloaded as JPEG, PNG or PDF files, whereas the Publish option can help you instantly share your content on social media.

download facebook mockup

MediaModifier is great for making quick Facebook mockups and designs for other social media platforms, digital devices, merchandise and the like. You can try MediaModifier’s free version to test the service before opting for a paid package.

Learn more here MediaModifier mockup templates and online mockup generators.

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