Free Quiz PowerPoint Template

A free quiz presentation template & toolkit to prepare your own quizzes

The Free Quiz PowerPoint Template is a presentation template containing questions and answers in the presentation slides that will allow you to prepare quizzes in PowerPoint. You can use the quiz as a kind of game or mind sport in which players are tested for knowledge in a brief manner. This can be used as a PPT template for educational purposes, but also by organizations as a form of entertainment. For example, quizzes often appear in waiting rooms to entertain the persons waiting there. Some shops, or even in transportation, also show quizzes on a TV screen or digital signage to entertain the audience.

This quiz presentation template includes several slides that are useful to prepare a quiz in PowerPoint:

  • Quiz cover image
  • Simple Yes and No questions slide
  • Multiple-choice options slide
  • 4 questions per slide
  • 6 questions per slide
  • Thank you slide

What is a quiz? A quiz is a form of game or mind sport in which players attempt to answer questions correctly. It is a game to test knowledge about a certain subject. In some countries, a quiz is also a brief assessment used in education and similar fields to measure growth in knowledge, abilities, and/or skills.

Whereas a quiz usually gauges your understanding of short sections of a unit, a test normally covers a longer chunk of the course: a whole unit or several chapters. For this reason, tests are commonly longer than quizzes.

How many questions to include in a quiz? That will depend on the length of the quiz. Generally, quizzes usually contain up to 10 questions, and as a general norm, tests have more questions than quizzes.

Is a quiz an exam? Both, quizzes and exams are forms of tests, although “Quiz” often implies a short or informal test.

By automating the slide deck you can play this quiz presentation with the modifications you apply and keep it running in a kiosk, TV or projector. It can also be used in online waiting rooms while participants are on a break during an online meeting or conference.

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