Hybrid Tablets

What’s New in The Nexus 6P

Who would have thought that Huawei would soon be playing with the big boys. Google’s flagship smartphone Nexus 6P is not only built by Huawei but comes with features that are likely to make it the best seller of 2016. Even before the release of the smartphone the rumors about its features were affirmed by a …

Which is The Best Large Screen Android Tablet You Should Buy?

Tablets, whether Android or iPads, are getting much popular these days and there is a portfolio to choose from. At times, one may even get confused on what to choose from the available products. However, one must consider a product that caters for your needs and requirements, as well as the one according to your budget.

Best Hybrid Tablets For Presentations

With the time passing and technology advancing, the difference between a tablet and a laptop is significantly diminishing. Tablets have now become as much productive as the laptops are and we can even say were. The same is in the case of delivering presentations, whether business or any other, the hybrid tablets are now proficient …