Halloween Costume Award Templates For Word

Halloween preparations are one of the most exciting things that you can do with family, friends or even colleagues. It simply brings out the child in you. For children, Halloween may just as well be their next favorite holiday next to Christmas. The Halloween season is full of spooky decors, costume parties, trick or treating, and so many more.

Be the Life of the Party and Win This Award

If you are looking for something to make your Halloween party become even more special and memorable, you can use these Halloween Costume Award Templates for Word to make things much easier for you so you focus on enjoying this fun and spooky season. These templates are very user-friendly and fun to do work with if you are organizing a Halloween party with children in school or in your neighborhood.

Meet Count Dracula

The first Halloween Costume Award Template is the Dracula Halloween Costume Award Template that you can use not only for costume awards but for many other Halloween related awards to recognize efforts and make events more awesome for everyone.

This template has a dark theme. It features a dark gray outer border and a pinstripe maroon inner boarder. On the border is an illustrated image of Count Dracula, one of the most famous spooky Halloween images. Located off center is the certificate itself, with a white background to make the text stand out.

Have a Happy Halloween with this Award Certificate Template

This certificate or award template has the award title for its header. The name of the recipient and the date of the event or the reception of the award is located underneath. Both are placeholders so you can easily change the data if you are printing multiple awards for multiple people, even year after year.

Although this template is specially designed as a costume award template appropriate for Halloween events in school, you can still change some of the sample text to suit your own events, whether at home, in your community, or even at work.

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Customize to Your Own Event

Be the Spookiest this Halloween

Creating a costume for Halloween is not easy. It may be fun but it can be time consuming and not to mention expensive as well. However, there are many ways that you can create costumes without spending much. Either way, efforts for dressing up for the spookiest Halloween costume is better when there are awards for it.

The Spookiest Halloween Costume Award Template is a Halloween template that would make people look forward to donning their scariest, most elaborate costumes for the Halloween party. Whether it is for the school, office, organization, or simply for your house. Giving out this award certificate will surely make your party much more exciting.

Be the Spookiest and Get This Award

This template features placeholders for the Student Name, Date and School Name. However, this template can still be used outside of school activities. You can also add your own text, such as categories for Halloween costume awards, or the name of the Halloween party.

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Printer Friendly Award Certificate Template for Halloween

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