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Last updated on December 26th, 2023

People are surrounded by advertisement. Be it the billboards, posters or brochures you come across in the market, or advertisement on TV or the Internet. Advertisement has become so common that most people don’t even notice most ads. This means attracting the consumer requires grabbing attention and creating a desire for the consumer to buy your product or service. This is where the AIDA model comes handy. Below is an explanation of AIDA, followed by our list of the best AIDA Model PowerPoint Templates.

What is the AIDA Model?

AIDA is a marketing model which stands for Attention or Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. The model provides a blueprint for advertisers to attract customers by creating awareness or gaining the attention of the consumer, creating interest and desire for buying the product or service, and to persuade the consumer to make the purchase.

What is the AIDA Model

Key Elements of the AIDA Model

Awareness or Attention

The first step of the AIDA model is to raise awareness regarding the product or service to attract the customer. Our mind can easily reject an advertisement because we have programmed ourselves to filter out most advertisements. This is why it is necessary to grab the attention of your potential customers by reaching out to your market niche. This might be done through an attractive design, a good slogan, an ad that is unconventional or by some method to instantly grab attention (e.g. a pop-up ad on a website or a flashy billboard).


It is necessary to make the advertisement interesting enough to attract the consumer. Products often provide information regarding the benefits of the product in the advertisement. This is meant to make the consumer interested in the product. A cream which claims to make your skin glow or a biscuit ad which claims that the product has a great taste are all meant to make the consumer interested in the product. 


In order to sell something, you need to make it desirable for your audience. Many beauty products make their products desirable by selling the idea that the product will make the consumer look more attractive. You might have seen billboards and hoardings with the image of an ice cold drink during the peak of summer season. This type of advertisement is a good way to attract thirsty consumers to quench their thirst by drinking a cold beverage. 


This is the final stage, where the consumer buys the product or engages or opts for a trial of the product or service. Ads often have a call to action with lines such as; ‘buy now’, ‘sign up’, ‘call now’, etc.

AIDA Model Ad Example

AIDA Model PowerPoint Templates

Whether you’re someone who is looking to sell products or a teacher who wants to explain the AIDA model in their presentations, these AIDA Model PowerPoint Templates can help you easily design presentations that can explain the AIDA model.

AIDA PowerPoint Template

There are 15 slides with diverse layouts representing the AIDA model in this template. This AIDA template can be helpful for making not only conventional text-based slides but also custom AIDA diagrams, AIDA infographics and sales related presentations. You can customize the layouts by adding relevant information and by using drag and drop to customize sample layouts. There are a number of slides which can be used to present information in the form of diagrams and infographics.

AIDA PowerPoint Template

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AIDA Template for PowerPoint

This is a template with blue slide objects with whitespace to make the slides stand out. There are slides to give a summary of the model, as well as slides meant for explaining each step of the model in detail. The slides have been designed in a manner which makes them attention grabbing and easy to read. You can easily explain AIDA, marketing, sales and advertisment related concepts with the visual aid of these slides.

AIDA Template for PowerPoint

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Retail Purchasing Pathway PowerPoint Template

This is a comprehensive template for making presentations about marketing, sales and advertisement. Not only does the template provide the steps of the AIDA model but also provides related illustrations. The template consists of eight slides for explaining the retail purchasing pathway.

Retail Purchasing Pathhway PowerPoint Template

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Free AIDA PowerPoint Template

This free AIDA themed presentation template gives one title and three content slides for making AIDA themed presentations. You can use the sample slides for presenting the model in the form of diagrams, infographics or as a table with the salient features of each of the key elements of the AIDA model.

Free AIDA PowerPoint Template

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AIDA serves a simple yet powerful model for marketing and advertising products using advertisements that are attention grabbing and have the potential to drive sales. In fact, it won’t be wrong to judge an advertisement against this model to assess if it is effective. You can download easy to edit and attention-grabbing presentation templates for AIDA and other models from the link below.

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