Automatically Generate Insights For Data in Excel With BeyondCore App

Gathering, investigating and finding insights from a vast variety of data is relatively a tough job. It becomes even harder when you see that the data is spread over dozens of accounting systems, marketing technologies, etc. This is one of the major problems professionals are facing these days.

Have you ever realized the need of an analyst that can swiftly analyze and display data, allowing you to know whether you are accomplishing your business goals or not? Finding an analyst that constantly queries your available data so as to pick the best five or more graphs for you to see, depending on your business goals. BeyondCore app for Excel

What is BeyondCore App?

Do not get surprised! The only thing that you should know is to use MS Office and you will be able to analyze data efficiently. MS Excel team is working with BeyondCore, a renowned leader in Smart Discovery Pattern. BeyondCore App is a recent invention in technology that can widen the great analytics feature of MS Excel, as well as supercharge PowerPoint and Word to bridge the analytics gap for professionals.

BeyondCore for Excel extends the capabilities of MS Excel by assisting the users to find the correct questions to inquire their data and then interpret the insights in an appropriate manner. When incorporated into Excel desktop experience, the app will evaluate the data in workbook and provide narrative explanations & curated graphs.

This information will help in identifying the statistically considerable insights about the data. In addition, these generated insights can be easily exported to a Word document or PowerPoint presentation allowing you to present and share the way you want to. Moreover, the reports can be easily customized by using BeyondCore App for PowerPoint and Word.

BeyondCore Introductory Video

To learn more about BeyondCore, see the video given below.

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