How to Create a Funnel Diagram in PowerPoint

Last updated on April 18th, 2022

Microsoft PowerPoint is a valuable tool to create presentations (the most popular worldwide); to make them more appealing, you can add images, plots, videos, and diagrams. The Funnel Diagrams in PowerPoint allow you to make an explanation of proportions more intuitive. Funnels can be used for a variety of purposes, but some of the most common funnel styles are known as purchase funnel, sales funnel, or decision funnel.

In this article, we will explain how to create a funnel diagram in PowerPoint. The same technique can be used to create a funnel diagram in Google Slides, too.

Simple funnel diagram created in PowerPoint 2010

First, we need to draw some shapes. We are going to need a big Triangle, a rectangle and two circles. Just like this:

You may need to resize the shapes and change the outer line to make it fit. Also you can add shadows or change the color according to your presentation.

If you need a more complex funnel diagram you just need to create more shapes and keep them in order so it looks nice (You may need to use triangles with no line and no fill to make it fit):

Funnel diagram for PowerPoint

In the next weeks we will show you how to create nice 3D Funnel diagrams in PowerPoint with variants of this technique.

Download Premium Funnel Toolkit PowerPoint Template

If you need to create professional looking Funnel diagrams in PowerPoint you can download the Funnel Toolkit template for presentations. It contains different slides in PowerPoint with funnel diagrams that you can customize for your presentations.

Sales funnel diagram for PowerPoint

Download Funnel Tookit from Presenter Media

You can also access thousands of premium PowerPoint templates and 3D graphics for your presentations including thousands of PowerPoint diagrams created with shapes.