Animated Typography Quotes PowerPoint Template

Sometimes you might want to include a quote in your presentation. While you can type it out and add quotation marks, however, having a stylized version of the quote can be more attention grabbing. Animated Typography Quotes PowerPoint Template gives slides with stylized quotes for you to edit and use in your presentations.

Slides for Adding Quotes

The slides come with quotes with stylish fonts and colorful layouts. You can use these sample layouts by replacing the quote with the one you want to use for your presentation. Not only can you use the slides in this template for adding quotes but also make entire presentation decks using the sample slides. Especially if you have a lot of quotes or short text in your presentation.

animated typography quotes powerpoint template

There are diverse slide layouts with space for adding quotes. The layouts come with designs that allow you to spread the text over the slide in a manner which makes it eye-catching. The text pops-up onscreen in animated form; making it possible for you to get your content noticed.

quotes powerpoint slide

Diverse Layouts with Attractive Font Styles

There are 10 content slides and one which lists down the fonts used in the template. The fonts used in this template include; Lily Script One, Lobster, Concert One, Alfa Slab One, Roboto Condensed, Righteous, Rye, Georgia, Courgette, Nixie One, Srisakdi, Bungee shade, Bungee Inline and Fascinate Inline. Playing around with a set of fonts can also help you sharpen your slide making skills.

add quotes to slides

These fonts have been used by presentation design professionals in the form of different types of presentation layouts with editable slide elements. You can duplicate and edit the sample slides according to need.

nature quote slide design

The Animated Typography Quotes PowerPoint Template can be downloaded via the link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Typography Quotes PowerPoint Template

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