Animated Times in History PowerPoint Template

Teaching history is no easy task. Dealing with students who can’t care less about the past can be quite difficult. Teachers need to stimulate the minds of their students using methods, which might make their lectures more interesting. You can use the Animated Times in History PowerPoint Template to make history lessons more interesting.

Suitable for Students from Different Grades

The template contains illustrations of swords, armor, fancy helmets, caps and more. The clipart and illustrations in this template provides all the tools you can need for making a compelling history themed presentation. The template can not only be used for K12 students but also college and university students. The clipart and slide layouts can be handy for adding some humor to your slides by making history lessons more compelling.

Animated Times in History PowerPoint Template

History Clipart and Icons

There are tooltips in the template, which can help you make adjustments to sample layouts. You can add and remove sections and customize existing slide elements to create slides that match your requirements. There is also a slide with clipart and icons that you can use for this very purpose.

History Clipart and Icons

Slides Depicting Different Eras

There are a number of sample slides which depict various eras such as the American Civil War, the age of the Vikings, Pirates, Romans and the Middle Age.

Eras in History

Edit Slide Objects and Customize Slides

With the customizable layouts you can create a wide range of slide types such as comparisons, tables, infographics, lists, etc. Since the slide objects are editable, you can easily select an individual object to edit it according to need.

Pirate Slide

This history themed slide deck is available in both Widescreen and Standard orientations for all recent editions of PowerPoint which support PPTX files. This includes version 2007 and later editions, including PowerPoint 2016.

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