Animated Storm Video Animation For PowerPoint

Do you want to discuss the stormy nature of the market, sales or your business? Stormy Waters PowerPoint Template depicts stormy water animation in the opening slide of this template, along with sample slides with a range of professional layouts.

This is a general purpose PowerPoint template which can be used for any presentation topic, be it related to business, environmental issues or topics as diverse as sea navigation or the rainy season.

The opening slide of this template provides a video animation of wavy sea water amidst a storm. This is a customizable video animation where you can use the given placeholders to add your own text and logo.

Stormy waters PowerPoint template

Diverse Range of Sample Layouts

The remaining slides provide a range of layouts with charts, sample diagrams made in SmartArt Graphics, tables and clipart images, with stormy animation running in the backdrop of sample layouts.

SmartArt diagram with animation

The below image shows one of the animated sample slides in this template which can be quite handy for making comparisons or a bulleted list.

Customizable stormy animation template

Storm and Sea Clipart Images

The clipart provided within this template provide high-quality images related to the sea, such as image of a marker, ship and stormy cloud. You can resize and rearrange these images using drag and drop, as well as copy them around your slides. Moreover, these images can be edited using PowerPoint Picture Tools to change the color of clipart elements.

Storm clipart

Show Your Charts with Storm Animation

As mentioned earlier, this PowerPoint template also contains charts and tables for presenting your statistical information. You can easily edit these charts and add your own trends, as well as adjust their appearance using Chart Tools in PowerPoint.

Even with these charts and tables you will see the storm animation running in the backdrop, which can help make your slides more attractive.

PowerPoint chart with animation

The animated storm themed template can be downloaded in widescreen and Standard format for Microsoft PowerPoint (for Windows and Mac).

Go to Presenter Media – Widescreen Animated Stormy Waters PowerPoint Template

Go to Presenter Media – Standard Animated Stormy Waters PowerPoint Template

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