Animated Space & Exploration PowerPoint Template

Space and exploration themed templates have dark, starry backdrops with imagery that can be quite striking for an audience. These templates can not only be useful for topics related to astronomy, space and exploration of the last frontier itself, but also for making other types of presentations using the vibrant background designs. For example, such a template might also be used for topics like business and finance, by using the theme as an optimistic outlook for a business aiming for greater heights. Animated Space and Exploration PowerPoint Template comes with a beautifully crafted design with starry skies, dark backgrounds and subtle animations.

Space and Sky Themed Opening Slide

The title slide is uniquely generic, with a laptop displaying the image of a sky. This is a replaceable image which can be changed according to your presentation topic. Of course, the slide gives ample space for introducing your presentation title and adding other essential details.

Space and Sky Themed Opening Slide

In the next slide, you see an astronaut wearing a helmet. The word space has been symbolically used in the sample text. This slide is followed by various layouts that you can use for creating your presentation slides with the aid of flexible slide elements.

Animated Space PowerPoint Template

Variety of Slide Layouts with Replaceable Images

Other than space, some of the slide layouts are also quite suitable for travel, tourism and other topics. Replacing the default images can even allow you to tweak these slides further for creating a completely different slide design for any topic you can think of.

Exploration Images

You can also format the table slides for creating lists, tables and comparisons. This can help you accommodate a lot of information within smaller spaces.

Space and Exploration

The icons set at the end of the template is a handy toolkit with various icons that can be copied for use across your presentations.

Space Icons

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