Animated Soccer Playbook PowerPoint Templates

Playbook templates by Presenter Media are a series of sports presentation templates. We previously brought you the Baseball Playbook and Football Playbook template for PowerPoint. This time we will provide you with a review of the Soccer Playbook PowerPoint Template and also provide some interesting animations that you can incorporate in your soccer themed presentations.

Animated Soccer PowerPoint Template

The Soccer Playbook PowerPoint Template has been designed for making soccer related presentations. Furthermore, the sample slides are designed in such a way that you can use them for a wide variety of topics and purposes, such as for making game strategies, to display match statistics and for making educational presentations about ‘the beautiful game’.

Soccer playbook PowerPoint template

The slide layouts are quite diverse and visually attractive, which makes it possible to easily make comparisons, construct charts, create text-heavy and picture slides, as well as to reorganize the given sample layouts.

Soccer themed presentation template

This animated PowerPoint template contains static and animated versions of the given sample slides, which means that you can not only use animated slides by simply adding your own content but also make use of the static versions if you want to eliminate the animations from your slide or presentation on the whole.

The chart layouts are quite unique in nature and can be used for making interesting charts, even with boring statistical data.

Soccer presentation chart

The below image shows a bar chart created with soccer clipart. You can easily rearrange the chart via drag and drop to display custom statistics.

Soccer ball bar chart

The template also provides a standalone slide with soccer clipart images which can be copied and reused freely across your presentation. This template is compatible with the following OS and applications:

  • PowerPoint for Windows and Mac
  • Keynote for iOS and Mac

Go to Presenter Media –  Soccer Playbook PowerPoint Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Soccer Playbook PowerPoint Template (Widescreen)

Soccer clipart images

Blue Soccer Video Background Template

For your soccer presentations you can also use this awesome video background template, available in PowerPoint (PPTX) and video formats. It depicts a revolving football animation which can be customized either has a PowerPoint slide or you can download it in popular video formats like MOV, WMV or Flash for use in your professional projects, blog posts, website banners, etc.

Go to Presenter Media – Blue Soccer Video Background Template

Blue soccer video background template

Soccer Goalie Blocking Animated Clipart

To put a smile on the face of your audience is as good as getting half the job done during a presentation. With this animated clipart you can do just that. This animated clipart shows a stick figure acting as a goalie, blocking a soccer ball. You can download this animation either as a video file or insert it in your presentations as a GIF image. You can then add a custom caption to your slide using a textbox to make things more interesting and to woo your audience.

Go to Presenter Media – Soccer Goalie Blocking Animated Clipart

Soccer goalie animated clipart

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