Animated Sleek Design PowerPoint Template

The use of sleek and shiny looking presentation templates can help you attract your audience with some visual aid. This is because glossy slides are usually quite visually appealing and therefore, they can make your content look more eye-catching. The Animated Sleek Element PowerPoint Template is a fully customizable template with sleek and shiny slide layouts.


Change Default Slide Colors

Among the various customization options, you can easily change the default blue color of this PowerPoint template via the Colors menu via the Design tab.


Since this template comes with customizable slide elements, you can also choose to pick and choose individual parts of the slide and change their color to create a slide design that goes with your presentation theme or corporate colors.


Creative Comparison Slides Layouts

The template provides various slides that can be perfectly used for making comparisons in PowerPoint. These slides come in sets of two, three, four, five and six point header slides. These comparison layouts have been designed in such a way that you can also add your company logo or associated clipart within the given boxes.


These slides have been provided in a set sequence, which you can make use of to depict your comparisons or side by side points in descending order, from say, a six pointer slide to a five, four, three, two point slide, followed by a conclusion.


General-Purpose Presentation Template

Since this is a general purpose presentation template, you can use it for any topic. The sleek and shiny slide designs make the template suitable for anything from business, technology, marketing, finance to diversely different topics like, say, career coaching, or climate change related presentations.


Sleek Clipart for PowerPoint

The template provides three exclusive clipart slides with buttons and slide elements that you can use to design your own sleek and stylish slides. You can also use this clipart to modify existing slides to customize their given layouts.


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