Animated Share A Report PowerPoint Template

Annual, quarterly and monthly reports are often compiled in the form of Word or PDF documents. Many people require presenting these reports in concise form as PowerPoint slides. It can be hard to create layouts for such reports, as one might require depicting trends, data, forecasts and plans in a manner that is easy to explain. Animated Share A Report PowerPoint Template can be used for sharing the gist of your reports in PowerPoint.

animated share a report powerpoint template

Present Report Highlights

You can create report highlights using this animated template by using the sample slides. The slides have been set in a manner that you can start with an introductory slide and move on to highlights with comparisons, checklists, charts, etc. There are also sample pictures which can be replaced with your own.

share a report

Animated Reporting Slides

You can insert a logo, move around the sample clipart and make use of the animated slides to load your slide elements in an easy to present manner. As you click or move forward with your slides, your content loads one by one on each slide to make it easy for you to present it. A preview of the slides can be seen via Slide Show mode or from the product page.

report slides

Share and Present Reports

The Animated Share a Report PowerPoint Template is perfect for sharing your reports in the form of PowerPoint slides, be it as a presenter or in the form of handouts. The template has been designed to aid presenting reports in layouts that are easy to design and present. There is good use of whitespace, with a few shades of red and blue to make key parts of your reports stand out.

report checklist slide

The template has a flat design, with a tiled layout similar to modern or material design trends. These designs are simpler and visually appealing enough to present information without cluttering the available space. You can edit the sample slides keeping this in mind to create slides which stand out, while being minimalist.

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