Animated Picture Fade Effect PowerPoint Template

Animations are great if you do them right and sparingly. Overdo them, and you will have an eyesore that will overload and repel your audience. Done well, animations can give life to your presentations and keep your audience glued to your slides. There are many wonderful and powerful animated PowerPoint templates available, and we will discuss one below.


The Animated Picture Fade Effect PowerPoint Template is a beautiful, professional-looking, and free template that you can use for many kinds of presentations. This template exemplifies how animations are used beautifully to enhance the slide and highlight your message or theme.

Free Template with Built-in Animations

This free animated picture template features a dark gray background with a striking image of a coast, highlighted by a sparrow on one side and house and a lighthouse on the other. The image is obviously professionally taken and shows the waves splashing on the rocky coast, overlooked by the lighthouse above. Such a scene can be used for many presentations, whether for school or business.


Use for School or Work Presentations

By clicking on the Animation Pane in the Animations Menu in the Ribbon, you can see that all the animation work has already been done for you. This means you can concentrate on what matters most, which is the content of your presentation.

By playing the slideshow of this template, you can see how the image animates across the slide. The picture remains stationary, while the rectangular white overlay and the broken-line rectangle flies into the slide, driving your eye to the focal point, which is the lighthouse. This lighthouse is colored, while the rest of the image outside the rectangular shape is monochromatic, or in grayscale.

The caption can be seen drifting down from the image, to be clearly placed right under it. You have the option to make your caption as long or as short as you want it, without ruining the overall look of the slide.


You can copy and paste your customized template to your existing presentation to add more pizzazz to it.

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